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A Traveler’s Guide to Marigny, New Orleans

Travelers Guide to Marigny, New Orleans

Marigny is a New Orleans, Louisiana, neighborhood ripe with rich history, 19th-century architecture, and an ever-expanding list of entertainment options. Like neighboring Faubourg Treme, Marigny is a suburb outside the French Quarter.

You won’t want to miss out on all that the Marigny itself has to offer. From eclectic shops and eateries, a vibrant nightlife and luxurious vacation rentals, you will have endless options just a walk away!

Below is our guide to this vibrant area’s history and sites. We’ve also included information on where to eat and sleep during your stay in the Marigny.

Marigny’s History

Photo Credit: William A. Morgan

The Faubourg Marigny, as it is technically known, is one of the oldest suburbs in the city of New Orleans. Today, the New Marigny Historic District is part of the National Register of Historic Places. Royal Street is also considered the new heart of Mardi Gras celebrations.

To appreciate all this small square of New Orleans has to offer, we must return to its roots. Named after its founder, Bernard de Marigny of Mandeville, the small neighborhood was a welcomed presence for NOLA citizens looking for housing near the French Quarter.

Between creole cottages, shotgun houses, and larger estates, the Marigny developed into an eclectic neighborhood bursting with personality.

Over the 19th and 20th centuries, the Marigny changed and evolved. It has been home to upper- and working-class residents, Haitian refugees, railroad workers, and veterans over the decades. Today, the Marigny is a vibrant neighborhood that a diverse group of residents calls home.

The Marigny Neighborhood

Photo Credit: Page Light Studios

So, what makes up the Marigny neighborhood? Esplanade Avenue divides the French Quarter and the Marigny. The neighborhood borders the Mississippi River to the south, the Bywater neighborhood to the east, and St. Claude Avenue to the north.

The Marigny is uniquely positioned between two very different, equally popular areas. Visitors can conveniently enjoy the classic tourist favorites of the neighboring French Quarter one day and the lesser-known local spots of neighboring Bywater and St. Roch the next.

Getting Around

Getting to the Marigny from the Airport

Photo Credit: Tero Vesalainen

The Marigny is 25 minutes from the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY). From the airport, visitors have multiple options to get to their rental destination:

  • Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are readily available at the airport outside of the Level 1 Baggage Claim.
  • Taxi services are also available outside Level 1 Baggage Claim Door 7. Taxi rides average $36 for up to two passengers and an additional $15 per person beyond two passengers (prices current at the time of publication).
  • Airport shuttle services provide transportation from the airport to Downtown. It is $24 each way per person, and further information can be found here.
  • Public transportation includes a bus option called the Airport Express. It is $1.50 per trip and runs nine times per day. More information can be found here.

The latter public transportation (RTA) also offers a bus option with a stop on St. Claude Avenue and Elysian Fields along the northern part of the Marigny. More information on the bus system and schedule can be found here.

*Please note that prices are current at the time of publication.

Getting Around the Marigny

Photo Credit: Page Light Studios

Because the Marigny is a small, residential neighborhood, we recommend walking on foot or by bike to enjoy the vibrant streets and views along the way. The Marigny is pedestrian-friendly when enjoying its countless shops, restaurants, and bars on every road.

In addition, the New Orleans Streetcars service this area. This is a great way to tour Marigny and the neighboring districts.

Beyond walking, biking, and streetcars, we recommend having access to a vehicle to explore adjacent areas and travel to/from the airport.

What to Do in Faubourg Marigny

Enjoy Live Music on Frenchmen Street

Photo Credit: Kristi Blokhin

Frenchmen Street is home to some of the best music venues in Marigny. With various genres, from reggae to jazz, it is the go-to destination for live music performances featuring 20+ bars, venues, and event spaces along the street.

You can stroll the length of the street on foot, popping into various venues, hearing street music along the way, or spend all night at one venue destination. Each venue has a complete list of upcoming live shows to explore, and you can learn more by clicking here.

Visit the Marigny Opera House

Photo Credit: Page Light Studios

The Marigny Opera House, also known as the Church of the Arts, is on the edge of the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods. Housed in a historic church building, it is worth visiting for the exquisite architecture in and of itself.

The Marigny Opera House is committed to supporting performing artists in New Orleans. It houses the Opera Ballet, with ballet performances offered throughout the year. You can find a complete list of events and performances with ticket information here.

Have A Laugh

Photo Credit: lev radin

Right in the heart of the Marigny lies It’s Good Comedy inside the Dragon’s Den, a neighborhood bar and comedy club. The comedy club hosts weekly local comedians and open mic nights if you’re feeling brave. They have even had visits from well-known comedians like Amy Schumer and Sean Patton!

Stroll through the Frenchmen Art Market

Photo Credit: Andriy Blokhin

If you appreciate local art, you are going to love staying in the Marigny. The streets and architecture themselves are a masterpiece, but it is also home to New Orleans’ outdoor art market, the Frenchmen Art Market.

Located on Frenchman Street, the Art Market is an open-air market home to over 80 rotating vendors. From painters, sculptors, jewelers, and more, it highlights the talent and uniqueness that is New Orleans’ art culture.

Take a Walk through Washington Square Park

Photo Credit: Javen
  • Address: 700 Elysian Fields Avenue

Washington Square Park is a peaceful spot in the heart of the Marigny, where oak trees line shaded walkways, and there are plenty of benches to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The park often hosts festivals and events on weekends. You will also find street performers playing music in this quaint retreat from the city. So whether you are looking to enjoy a quiet spot or a lively performance, Washington Square Park offers both.

Where to Eat and Drink in the Marigny

There is no shortage of places to eat and drink in New Orleans. Here are some of the best in the Marigny neighborhood.

Dat Dog

  • Price Point: $
  • Address: 601 Frenchmen Street
  • Website:

Dat Dog is an iconic New Orleans food joint delivering exactly what you would imagine: hot dogs. With two other locations in the Garden District and Uptown, Dat Dog’s Marigny location is right in the center of it all on Frenchmen Street.

The menu includes all kinds of hot dog variations, with fillings ranging from crawfish to alligator sausage. In addition, they serve Happy Hour hot dogs, Monday through Friday, from 4 to 7 pm, and even have a vegan option available to visitors. This is the perfect spot to grab a casual lunch or late-night snack while strolling Frenchmen Street.

New Orleans Cake Cafe and Bakery

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you will not want to miss stopping at Cake Cafe in the Marigny. It’s a cheerful yellow building on Chartres St. with salmon-colored walls and a quirky, delicious menu.

They serve breakfast items and sweets, and if you visit during Mardi Gras season, you can also find King Cakes here! This is the quintessential neighborhood cafe spot to cozy up over coffee and pastries to start or end your day.

The Elysian Bar

Located inside Hotel Peter and Paul, The Elysian Bar offers a quaint, communal setting for drinks or a meal shared with friends. Once a historic church, the location has maintained the building’s original charm and architectural design.

The restaurant is broken up into multiple rooms, including a bar area, courtyard, and various seating rooms. Elysian Bar is known for its incredible cocktail menu, including both original and classic options. They serve brunch, bar snacks, and dinner daily. Guests won’t want to miss out on their signature dessert, the Goat Cheese Panna Cotta.

The Franklin

Housed in a former corner store on the edge of the Marigny neighborhood, The Franklin is both sophisticated and eclectic all at once. An American restaurant, the menu celebrates local cuisine and a modern take on classics such as their Espresso-Rubbed Hanger Steak or Flash-Fried Frog Legs.

The Franklin is also known for its exceptional cocktail menu, featuring both classic cocktails and their original creations. With a happy hour daily, it’s the perfect spot to grab a drink and appetizer or stay to enjoy a slow, soulful meal into the night.

Paladar 511

This spot is truly an experience from the moment you walk through its doors. Located on the corner of Marigny St., guests step into tall, loft-style ceilings with exposed brick walls and cozy velvet seating.

A wrap around bar completes the inviting space. It’s the type of setting that makes you want to stay a while, and the menu matches the atmosphere’s charm tenfold. Famous for their Wagyu Hanger Steak and Squid Ink Pasta, Paladar 511 delivers quality, upscale menu items that celebrate the brilliance of each ingredient.

Staying In the Marigny FAQ’s

Why stay in the Marigny?

The Marigny is ideal for travelers who enjoy experiencing a city like the locals. It is known as the music and arts hub of Crescent City and is a great place to stay if you want to immerse yourself in an eclectic, vibrant tight-knit community.

There are many guesthouses and luxury vacation rentals in all city areas. In addition, it is convenient to its adjacent neighborhoods of the French Quarter and Bywater and makes for a great landing place to explore all that New Orleans has to offer.

It is also pedestrian-friendly and offers visitors a chance to feel like they are part of Nola’s incredible culture and history.

How far is the Marigny from the French Quarter?

The Marigny neighborhood borders the French Quarter. The two neighborhoods join at the Mississippi Riverfront and along Esplanade Ave. Depending on which street you are staying in, the French Quarter can be walkable from your rental.

Are there medical facilities nearby?

While there are no medical facilities in the Marigny, below is a list of the closest urgent cares and hospital options:

Enjoy Your Stay in New Orleans Marigny

The Marigny is bursting with good food, music, arts, and people: the very essence of New Orleans. This culturally-rich community infuses personality and talent into everything it offers.

This buzzing neighborhood may be small, but it’s packed with walkable eateries, bars, and entertainment, not to mention many vacation rentals that will feel like home during your getaway. From delicious food to a variety of local arts, it’s a taste of what makes New Orleans such a unique, special place to visit.

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